Rutgers Among the Top Producers of Fulbright Student Grants!

For the eighth consecutive year, Rutgers-New Brunswick is one of the nation’s leaders in winning Fulbright Grants. Fourteen Rutgers students and alumni were among those honored as Fulbright Students for the 2016-17 academic year. They are currently teaching English or pursuing research in eleven countries internationally, including Morocco, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Mongolia. According to the Chronicle of Higher Education, Rutgers ranks eighth among public institutions and 23rd among all research institutions. “It is a considerable achievement to win ten or more Fulbright Student Grants eight years running,” said Arthur D. Casciato, director of the university’s Office of Distinguished Fellowships, “and it wouldn’t happen were it not for both the extremely hard work put in by Rutgers candidates and the generosity of faculty and staff who serve as their Fulbright advisors.” For a complete story, as well as the list of recipients and countries, click here.