Research & Academic Programs

Programs within Undergraduate Academic Affairs support innovative teaching and hands-on learning through seminars, research experiences, and peer learning. Whether tagging fish in the Raritan or studying data in the lab, research and experiential learning help students identify academic passions, find mentors, and develop professionally. Some of the most impactful learning experiences happen by creating non-traditional classroom settings like a seminar in a national archive or video conferencing with an expert from another university.

Engage in these experiences and grow academically:

  • Aresty Research Center: Our Center assists students in learning about the process of research, identifying faculty mentors or projects, defining goals, seeking funding for a project, and presenting their findings to the university and the general public.
  • Byrne Seminars: Our one-credit seminars offer first-year students the chance to experience the excitement of original research as faculty members share their curiosity, their intellectual passion, and how they develop new ideas and fields of knowledge.
  • First-Year Interest Group Seminars: Our signature program offers incoming students a unique opportunity to learn from successful upper-class students and discover the wide array of resources available to members of the Rutgers community.
  • Office of Distinguished Fellowships: Our services assist students in all stages of the application process for distinguished national fellowships and awards and provide support and guidance through the application and interview process.