Mission and Values

UAA Mission:  

To succeed during and after college, students need academic and professional experiences beyond traditional disciplinary boundaries. Undergraduate Academic Affairs provides tools and opportunities for students to overcome barriers to success and promotes educational access through comprehensive high-impact services, programming, and resources. UAA fosters faculty and student engagement, producing unique academic experiences, research opportunities, and academic communities that engage students in meaningful, active learning.

Foundational Elements: What We Do

  • Resources for Teaching & Learning – Provides resources such as learning spaces and technologies, as well as support for academic programming to foster excellence in teaching and learning
  • Academic Support & Engagement – Provides direct academic services and leadership opportunities for students
  • Undergraduate Research & Academic Programming – Enhances the learning experience through experiential learning, courses, seminars, and workshops
  • Undergraduate Connections & Enrichment – Resources to plan for and assist with the transition from secondary to post-secondary education, through each educational stage, and to careers and graduate school.


Instructional & Faculty Resources
Academic Support & Engagement
Research & Academic Programming
Connections & Enrichment
  • Faculty Enrichment
  • Learning Centers
  • ODS
  • EOF
  • SSS
  • Learning Centers
  • ODS
  • UCC
  • UAA Deans
  • FIGS
  • Byrne
  • FIGS
  • Aresty
  • McNair
  • SAEE
  • Career Services
  • Upward Bound
  • Distinguished Fellowships
  • EOF
  • FIGS


Values: How We Do It

  • Student Centered Approach – We believe students’ needs and ambitions should drive the mission of our division.
  • Diversity & Inclusion – All UAA programs promote equity in education by offering student support and learning resources that promote diversity, access, and success for all Rutgers students.
  • Collaboration – We strive to foster collaboration in the interest of increasing the resources and opportunities available to students. Our work is further advanced through the development of mutually beneficial relationships with external partners, faculty, and academic leaders throughout the institution.
  • Faculty Involvement – We act as partners and resources for faculty and engage with faculty at all RU-NB schools in supporting student success.
  • Continuous, coherent evidence-based support – We offer support that prepares students for pre- through post-baccalaureate success. We seek to address student needs in a way that provides a coherent and continuous system of support.

Connection to New Brunswick Strategic Plan

  • Strengthening Our Academic Core: Supporting promising projects in the sciences and humanities that underpin our academic excellence.
  • Transforming the Student Experience: Heightening attention to student advising and services, both academic and non-academic, to ensure student success and enduring satisfaction.
  • Advancing Our Inclusive, Diverse, and Cohesive Culture:  Capitalizing on our intrinsic diversity and our large international student and faculty population and providing well-coordinated services that support achievement of faculty, staff, and student diversity goals.
  • Enhancing Our Public Prominence: Increasing public engagement, differentiating our uniqueness, and promoting strengths that bring renown to Rutgers.